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Par Madja’at – Ancient Egyptian House of Books

The books are in their place, as it should be, and each ritual takes place where it is supposed to.

The Temple of Horus at Edfu
house of books in hieratic

The ancient Egyptians had a long and rich history of writing and literature. As early as the 3rd millennium BCE, they were using hieroglyphs to record their thoughts and experiences. Over time, they developed a sophisticated system of writing that allowed them to create a wide variety of texts, from religious and historical works to poetry and literature.

One of the most important aspects of ancient Egyptian culture was the Par Madja’at – the House of Books in the ancient Egyptian temple or palace. Par Madja’ats were not just places to store books, but also centers of learning and scholarship. They were home to a wide range of texts, including religious texts, historical records, and works of literature. Libraries were also important for the training of scribes, who were responsible for keeping records and writing documents.

At Kamat, the Par Madja’at contains the books and electronic documents used in our research to reconstruct ancient Egyptian culture.

Document Library

Our collection of scholarly articles has been evaluated by experts in the field before being published. These articles provide a wealth of information about ancient Egypt, including its history, culture, and religion.

For a nominal fee, the Par Madja’at provides access to pdf academic articles specially formatted to view on e-readers and fully searchable. Also, old black-and-white images are completely remastered and colorized. The Par Madja’at also provides English translations of foreign language documents available nowhere else.

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    Book and Periodical Library

    The Par Madja’at provides a complete list of books and magazines used by Kamat to reconstruct ancient Egyptian culture. We review the Books and Periodicals in the Kamat Par Madja’at Library, providing readers with an informed opinion about the book. We evaluate the book’s strengths and weaknesses and make a recommendation to readers about whether or not they should read the book. Our Kamat Radio Patreon patrons receive chapter-by-chapter summaries of the book, as well as thoughts and opinions on the book.

    If you are an author and would like your book reviewed in the Par Madja’at, contact us to feature your book.

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    Media Library

    Many modern houses of books or libraries have expanded their collections from the written word to audio and video. Here you will find the media used in the research of Kamat – Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian Culture.

    Research on the Web

    The Par Madja’at uses research on the web for the best sources of information to reconstruct ancient Egyptian culture.

    These websites are a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about ancient Egypt. They provide access to a wide range of information, including images, videos, and articles.