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Discover the true Cleopatra: A 90-minute documentary With Zahi Hawass, Kathleen Martinez, and more…A Documentary by Curtis Ryan Woodside, Co-Produced by Sofia Aziz. Discover the REAL Cleopatra…A figure whose name and legacy are burned into the minds of billions. Coming from a tenacious Greek Macedonian family, she had to fight and even kill for her place on the throne, a noble attempt to save a failing Egypt. She left her mark during the final days of ancient Egypt. Her story has been warped so much throughout history, from biased opinions to praise, yet who was she really? Everyone thinks they know her, and everyone has a different opinion, but most of those are modern, based on films and misinformed playwrights. How much do we know about the true… Cleopatra. A Film by Curtis Ryan Woodside Co-Produced by Sofia Aziz SHARE & SUBSCRIBE For other CRW Productions:    / curtisryanwoodside   Become a Patron: Buy Me a Coffee:… For other information: © Woodside Films / CRW Productions 2023 #Cleopatra#EgyptDocumentary#Documentary

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