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The Hymn of Isis in the Pharaohs Golden Parade with Translation and Phonetic Transliteration

One of the highlights of the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade on 3 April 2021 was the Pride of Isis performed by Egypt’s United Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Nader Abassi. The song was taken from an inscription of a hymn to the goddess Isis at Her temple in Deir el-Shelwit. The three principle singers of the hymn are Riham Abdelhakim, Amira Selim and Nesma Mahgoub, who sang the piece in the phonetic version of ancient Egyptian favored by Egyptologists. The singers were dressed in lavish ancient Egyptian styled costumes made by Khaled Azzam and Mai Galal. Exclusive rights to the soundtrack of the Pharaohs Golden Parade were given to Lebanese platform Anghami Translations are provided both Mina Samy in English and Arabic in the reference links.


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