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Ancient Egyptian Literature – The Battle of Kadesh

In this episode of Ancient Egyptian Literature, we are delving into the Battle of Kadesh, a monumental military action between Rameses the Great and the Hittites. Two versions of this story appear in ancient Egypt. The first, the official report, also called the bulletin, with seven copies found, and the second, dubbed the Poem of pntAwrt, with 8 copies, are found inscribed, sometimes side by side, at the Ramesseum, Rameses’ funerary temple, the temple of Amun at Karnak, Abydos, and Abu Simbel.

Patreon patrons receive the full 54-minute episode with the complete dramatic retelling of the texts with accompanying discussion of the armies of Rameses, the battle and surrounding events, 26 page illustrated eBook with discussion, maps, and glossary, and access to peer-reviewed reference materials from the Par Madja’at – House of Books.

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