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Ancient Egypt: Pyramids and Hieroglyphs, Enduring Symbols of a Great Civilization

 Author: Aidan Dodson  Category: General  Publisher: New Holland Pub Ltd  ISBN: 9781845375904

From the opulent splendor of the Pharaohs’ tombs to hieroglyphic laundry lists, this illustrated book looks at two symbols of the Ancient Egyptians’ achievements – the pyramids and the hieroglyphs. It also gives the history of the hieroglyphs.


Egyptian Tombs and the Afterlife —
The Egyptian Pyramid Complex —
Exploring the Pyramids —
The Prehistory of the Pyramid: 4000 to 2700 BC —
The Evolution of the Pyramid: the Old Kingdom —
The Evolution of the Pyramid: the Middle Kingdom —
The Evolution of the Pyramid: the new Kingdom onwards —
The Pyramids of Queens —
Hieroglyphs —
The Origins of Egyptian languages; beginnings —
The Ancient Egyptian Language: The Tongue of the Pharaohs —
Three Millennia of Writing; Lists, Stories, and Inscriptions —
The Mystery of the Hieroglyphs: Hieroglyphs Eclipsed —
Decipherment of the Hieroglyphs: The Key is Found.

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