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Beginning of Time ~ End of Eternity – Calendar of Ancient Egypt: First Month of Inundation – Drunkenness

In this episode, we discuss the First month of the season Axt, the month of txy. This month is patron to the nTr deity DHwty – Thoth, God of wisdom and writing. major festivals of the month are wpt rnpt the opening of the year, mss ra Hr Axty – the birth of Ra-Horakhty, the sd Hr bHdty – the jubilee festival of Horus of Edfu, wAg Hr DHwty – the Wag and Thoth festival, the rise of the High Nile, and Hb tx – drunkenness festival. Also, the mythos of Hwt Hr – Hathor, the nameless serpent, and the baboon deity bAby or Babi.

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