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Par Madja’at Ancient Egyptian House of Books – Episode 4

Episode 4 – book summary and review of of Food Fit for Pharaohs: An Ancient Egyptian Cookbook. The may/June 2020 issue of Archaeology has the discovery of a leopard painting, a genome study of ibis mummies, ceremonial and magic weapons, and site preservation of Deir el-ballas by the archaeology institute of America. A special issue of Archaeology,  Egypt – Treasures Sites and Ancient Culture has Egyptomania, Napoleon in Egypt, KV 55, Tanis, Unknown Man E, Building a Pyramid, KV 63, Meresamun, the Animal Mummy Project, Step Pyramid of Djoser, Tebtunis, and Hierankonpolis. Research on the Web has lintels, a mummification workshop in Saqqara, and Ancient Egyptian Medicine. Electronic documents has Grasses of Ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian beer, and the Eloquent Peasant.

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