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The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt

 Author: Richard H. Wilkinson  Category: Temples  Publisher: Thames & Hudson

The temples of ancient Egypt include the largest and perhaps most impressive religious monuments the world has ever known. Mansions of the gods, models of Egypt and the universe, focal points of worship, great treasure houses, and islands of order in a cosmic sea of chaos – the temples were all these things and more. This book traces their development from the earliest times, looking at every aspect of their construction, decoration, symbolism, and function. All of Egypt’s surviving temples – from the gargantuan temple of Amun at Karnak to minuscule shrines such as the oasis Oracle of Siwa, where Alexander went to hear himself proclaimed god – are discussed and illustrated.

Houses of Eternity” considers the historical origin and evolution of Egyptian temples, their growth and decline, and their modern rediscovery.

Buildings Fit for Gods” traces the process of building and decorating a temple.

Worlds Within Worlds” examines each part of the sacred structures in detail – from the massive pylon towers, colossal statues, and obelisks that fronted many temples to the darkened inner sanctuaries.

Between Heaven and Earth” discusses the temple’s relationship to the pantheon of Egypt’s gods, along with the roles and rituals of pharaohs and priests, and the sacred rites and festivals enacted.

Temples of Gods and Kings” is the most extensive catalog of Egyptian temples yet published and serves as a guide to the ancient sites.

With maps, plans, and specially commissioned reconstructions, The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt is both an authoritative reference book and an entertaining guide for everyone fascinated by the eternal mysteries of ancient Egypt.

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