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KMT Magazine: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt – Volume 17

 Author: Editors of KMT Magazine  Category: General, Magazines  Publisher: KMT Communications, Inc.


Dancing with Pharaohs: The New Royal Mummies Halls At the Egyptian Museum, Cairo by Zahi Hawass – A KMT Exclusive

Ancient Egypt in Vatican City by Lucy Gordan-Rastelli. Rameses II’s Mother, Egyptianized Antinous & Other Papal Treasures

An Eternal Harem: Tombs of the Royal Families of Ancient Egypt by Aidan Dodson – Part IV: The 3rd Intermediate/Late Periods

The Cripple, The Queen & The Man from the North by Gae Callender – The End of the 19th Dynasty Reconsidered

The Lion Temples of Naqa & Musawwarat es Sufra in Nubia by F. J. Albers in the Realm of Apedemak & Company

Imagining Egypt: A Portfolio of Recent Artwork by Eduardo Vilela

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