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Egyptian Cooking: A Practical Guide

 Author: Samia Abdennour  Category: Cuisine  Publisher: Hippocrene Books

Originally published in Egypt, this ever-popular guide to Egyptian cooking has now been revised for a North American audience. Egyptian cuisine has been influenced by several Mediterranean culinary traditions, including Turkish, Palestinian, Lebanese, Greek, and Syrian. These nearly 400 recipes, all adapted for the North American kitchen, represent the best of authentic Egyptian home cooking.

From appetizers to desserts, some recipes included are `Arnabit musa a’a (Moussaka Cauliflower), Samak bi-l-tahina (Fish with Tahina Sauce), Kosa matbukha bi-l-zabadi (Zucchini Stewed in Yogurt), and Lahma mu’assaga (Savory Minced Beef). The chapters included are Mezze, Breakfast, Main Courses, Sweets and Desserts, Beverages, Kitchen Utensils, and Spices. This classic cookbook also includes a glossary of Arabic terms for ingredients, translated into English, and useful tips on shopping and using.

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