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Egypt: Past and Present

 Author: Isabella Brega  Category: General  Publisher: Barnes & Noble  ISBN: 978-1-330-46191-4

Egypt, one of the largest countries in Africa, is an immense crossroads of history. It has landscapes of extraordinary beauty and magnificent masterpieces both archaeological and natural: the monuments of the Pharaonic age, the slow and fertile Nile, the dazzling light of the desert, the small oases along caravan routes, the contradictions of Cairo and the corals of the Red Sea. Few countries can boast such a concentration of natural wealth, mysteries, and art treasures; few countries have so deeply affected Mediterranean civilization, and therefore, also contemporary history. Stirring photographs and lively, original text illustrate the myriad aspects of this spectacular and surprising country. These pages will take the reader on a captivating journey through Egypt, revealing the complexity, mystery, and formidable resources of the Land of the Pharaohs. Graphic design Patrizia Balocco Lovisetti. Translated by C.T.M. Milan. New York: 2004.

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